We All Benefit

Really? Travel philanthropy benefits us all? Let’s look at it from the small view, to the broader view.

Benefiting individuals… them, and you

It’s clear how the recipients benefit from travel philanthropy. If you give a solar-powered light to a Navajo child whose home doesn’t have electricity, he or she can have light for studying after the sun goes down. Another instance, giving marketing advice to an entrepreneur in Africa may help their business to prosper.

But how are you helped?

We all feel so much better when we are involved in something good. This is especially noticeable during tough economic times, when there is a lot to feel bad about. We also feel good when we connect more deeply with our fellow human beings, and when we connect in deeper, broader ways with the world in which we live.

— Some travel philanthropists have said that the deeper connections they have felt made them feel as if they had fallen in love with their lives again.

Benefitting groups like families and seniors

When a family has a travel philanthropy experience together, a special bonding happens between them. The kids see their parents doing a selfless act for poor people far away that they do not know. The kids may see their parents in a new light, with renewed respect.

Seniors—to support a cause or urgent need is a powerful way to leave a living legacy.

Benefitting communities… theirs and yours

Here is a less-obvious way the community you help can benefit…

A community being visited by foreigners can give a morale boost to the community. It can inspire hope when strangers from modern countries do not ignore them, but care about them. Even more so, it can make them feel important and valued, which could be turnkey in aiding them to preserve their cultural traditions and the biodiversity in their environment.

How can your community benefit?
You return home as a role model of how a person can go out into the world and uplift the lives of underprivileged people, indeed making the world a better place.

— Send us photos of your trip and iCareShare experience. We will make a short video clip showing how you made a difference in the world. Then share this inspiring video with your family and friends.

Organizations, like corporations and nonprofits, can also benefit

Corporations reap the rewards from corporate social responsibility activity, publicity, and relationship-building.

Companies can send executives and incentive travelers to fabulous destinations around the globe (or to locations along their supply chain), generate publicity by making a difference in a unique way, and  have a great time.

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Nonprofits – increasing donations from your adventuresome donors.

The Foundation can partner with your organization to create a life-enhancing vacation experience for your donors and members, with no cost to you.

When existing and potential donors see first-hand the value of your work abroad, it can be very powerful. A donor enjoying an immersion experience at the location of your program can inspire them to become an even more enthusiastic donor.

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Benefiting our country, and yes, even the whole world.

Benefiting our country and the world? How?

There is a widely accepted belief among those living in the developing world that when 1st World, “white” people come into their communities, they will probably exploit their resources and the people.  It is a cause for fear and mistrust.

When we come instead and give freely of ourselves in a way that uplifts the locals and provides for a more descent way of life, it is seen as a noble gesture …and then the word travels far!

The resulting gratitude and respect helps to foster global harmony and peace, and a safer world.

Cultural immersion experiences—such as the iCareShare experience—create greater understanding of one another, leading to more compassion, cooperation, and a more stable future.

The end result is a world that works better for everyone.

iCareShare in Action

iCare teenage travelers give building blocks to a pre-school near Machu Picchu

“Do Good While Getting Away.”

Choose to be a travel philanthropist as you enjoy Private Custom travel or a Group Departure with iCare Travel.

“If early man had not identified his own welfare with that of others, he could not have survived or developed.”

–Dr. Albert Schweitzer