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The global recession has been catastrophic for many of the world’s very poor. So many important basic needs are now out of their reach.

For what appears to be a small amount of money for many of us, a person’s life can be uplifted out of misery… or a whole community can be cured of a debilitating illness.

You can make the difference.


In Costa Rica, poor handicapped kids have access to one pair of eyeglasses per year. If they break their glasses, they may not be able to see the chalkboard in class and they may be forced to drop out of school. For $50, a new set of glasses can be a godsend to a handicapped child with poor eyesight.

When you visit, meet the child and the family. You will be hosted by our friend, the director of the R. Felix Foundation (winner of 2007 award for improving the quality of life for Costa Ricans).


Amazonians frequently contract water-born illnesses. Water purifiers that cost about $56 can break their Guardia cycle. Help a family to have clean water… or help a whole community.

While on your trip, visit the people you helped. Our nonprofit friends, your hosts, will treat you to a delicious traditional meal. The locals may express their gratitude with a special dance.


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Then consider adding a life-changing, iCareShare experience to your vacation that leaves you with a profound sense of quiet satisfaction …long after you vacation has ended.