What’s the use of pursuing life’s indulgences if they cannot
nourish you?

giving back

A man arrives at his final day on earth. God comes down and asks him

“So where would you like to go from here? To Heaven or to Hell?”

giving back

“To Hell,” the man answers. “In Hell I will have all of my indulgences.”

In the blink of an eye, the man finds himself in Hell. It’s a mansion, and the rooms are lavishly adorned with marble walls and gold-leaf ceilings. The man smiles as he sees a huge banquet! Exquisite dishes cover the table—mouth-watering cakes, plump fruits, and terrines filled with a sumptuous stew. He sees the people below trying to eat the stew, but their efforts are thwarted because their spoons are very long.

In a panic, the man calls up to God: “God, I made a mistake! Please forgive me and open the gates to Heaven!”

He arrives in Heaven …and the place looks exactly the same! But down below at the banquet table the people are feeding each other  with their very long spoons.