Donate Toward an Upcoming Trip

Put away money now for your upcoming vacation and iCareShare experience. $500 maximum. Choose from among our featured destinations, and choose a way to help. You will have one year to take your trip.

Support Your Past Project

Past iCare travelers have expressed a desire to continue supporting the cause or issue they helped on a previous iCare vacation. We are happy to provide you with a means to do this.

You will receive correspondence from the destination, sent with expressions of gratitude.

Support an iCare Cause or Issue You Care About

If you see a cause or issue in our Wish Lists that moves you, you can help without traveling to the destination. As our administration costs are covered by our for-profit business iCare Travel, you can feel confident that your donation goes directly to that cause or issue.

You will receive correspondence from the destination, sent with expressions of gratitude.

General Support for iCare

This may not seem the most glamorous of donations; however, it is most vital.

Most travelers are unaware of travel philanthropy–that they can take a vacation and make a difference along the way. Promotion of iCare‚Äôs way of doing travel philanthropy requires a tremendous marketing and Public Relations campaign across several media sources. We compete with major travel companies and their large marketing budgets. Our challenge is not small.

In addition, we are constantly working to expand our Wish Lists into other destinations where help is greatly needed, and where iCare travelers may be willing to go. We are very grateful for this kind of donation.

Corporate Gift Matching

You may be able to take advantage of matching gift programs to offset your iCareShare program cost.

Even if your own employer doesn’t offer such a program, you may still be able to take advantage of a program as a spouse, retiree, or friend who’s employed by a company that does. If you think you can take advantage of corporate gift matching and would like our assistance, please let us know.

Do a quick check to see if a company offers gift matching:
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Gift Planning

Through our Foundation, you can make a life-altering difference for an individual, cause, or community, year after year, long after you leave. Through financial instruments such as trusts, annuities and bequests, the Foundation can help you provide for a cause or issue that you care deeply about.

Through a bequest to the Foundation, you can create a perpetual, living legacy that will help the cause, individual(s) or community you care about, so that they survive, or even thrive, into the future.

Stock Donations

Stock donations are tax-deductible and provide crucial assistance to our iCareShare program. When you transfer ownership of securities to the Foundation, you receive a charitable income tax deduction for their full market value, and you incur no capital gains tax (subject to IRS deduction limits).

We do not hold stocks or invest in the market. Your donation is sold immediately to provide the resources needed to take care of our program and those individuals, causes and communities involved. You can feel confident that each stock donation has an immediate and lasting effect on improving the lives of those we support through iCareShare experiences.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Always a great gift! We fly annually to our featured destinations where we have our Wish Lists and nonprofit partners.

We also fly to locations where we promote travel philanthropy, and, we would like more resources to fly to new destinations to expand our Wish Lists, where future iCare travelers can go and make a difference.

Frequent flyer miles are greatly appreciated.